Aeolian Notes, January 18, 2013


As ruddy noses and queasy stomachs recede into the shadowy purview of the Old Year, we are busy mulling over our catalogue of new AirStream e-books for 2013. We can, perhaps, be excused if we exude excessive enthusiasm (which tends, unfortunately, to take the form of alliteration). Without descending entirely into the netherworld of hoo-ha, let us merely hint that we are very excited about a work of fiction currently being written, which (if we are very good and very lucky, and offer the parties in question the appropriate inducements) will be an AirStream e-book later this year. We will add only that in her all-too-many years as an ink-stained wretch, your faithful publisher has yet to encounter a more audacious, fascinating, brilliant piece of literature.

AirStream Books would also like to draw your attention to Blame the Teacher, the new forum on education presided over by Eric Weaver. Mr. Weaver spent over two decades as a science teacher, at every level of education from elementary school to the university, and his expertise is more than apparent in his analysis of, and solutions to, the multitude of issues facing public education today. He is also working on a book of the same name, which AirStream will publish in 2013. While you’re waiting, be sure to visit his online forum and share your thoughts.

Incidentally, there was a bit of chaos on the IT front here at AirStream — namely, sudden and unanticipated changes to the mechanics of the website, specifically in the sorting and content of pages. The anomalies, which struck shortly after New Year’s, unfortunately went undetected by your ordinarily obsessive publisher, who had her hands full with holiday dissipation (or more accurately, recovery therefrom). We are happy to report that once discovered, these pesky issues were promptly remedied by our resourceful — and dogged — tech lackey, whom we sincerely thank (your check is in the mail — keep your eye peeled for a window envelope from the Peoples Bank of Thasos). We sincerely regret any shadow of slovenliness which the malfunctioning website may have cast on our otherwise immaculate premises. It wasn’t our fault, we swear.











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